It started as a pretty little hole-in-the-wall eatery with a hip vibe along Bagumbayan, close to the Ateneo de Naga University and the Universidad de Santa Isabel. The main fare was pasta, pasta so good that customers kept coming back.


It was an eat-get-up-and go place because it was so small, people had to wait for a vacant table. Customers really waited, as we did when we were there two or three times. Crazy, indeed, as Amici Pazzi is Italian for crazy friends, that people had to wait to be seated.

Maybe it’s the unbelievable prices, or the good-for-sharing servings, or the nice 80s music, that’s why people wait. Whatever, we are sure it’s because of the great food!

The size didn’t used to bother the owners so much. Dave Bercasio, one of the three owners said, “It is better to see a full packed small place than a big place with no diners.”

Turns out they needed a bigger place after all. Amici Pazzi is now at the Nagaville Corp. Bldg beside the St. Joseph School, off Panganiban Drive. The area is bigger, the food is the same. In their new location, Amici Pazzi doubles as a coffee shop, with more specialty coffee blends and non-coffee blends.

After two years since Amici Pazzi opened in July 2016, it can be said that they have chalked up a loyal customer base who would follow them wherever they will go. That’s what crazy friends are for.

Amici Pazzi also accepts bulk orders of their pasta dishes (by the pan).

Amici Pazzi