Nestled among the clouds 2,000 meters above sea level, on the shoulder of Mt. Isarog, is the It place to be nowadays. Up there, it is always summer with all the fun and kicking back.. But it’s a cool kind of summer because the temperature there is 3-4 degrees lower than down here.

Every nook and cranny of Hibiscus Camp Consocep is Instagram worthy, from its waterfalls inspired three-tiered cascading swimming pools to its cabins to its gardens, the mountain resort’s charms does not fail to give astonishing reactions and guests keep coming back.

In Hibiscus Camp, everybody is a happy camper.Every little detail has been carefully thought of by the owner who designed all the cabins and the landscaping. No tree was cut in the building of Hibiscus Camp. In fact, they used felled trees in the area and up in the wilderness to make the cabins and the cottages.

Cleanliness is kept at a high level, too. Who would want to spoil the beautiful surroundings by littering? Besides, there are large trash bins everywhere and guests clean as they go.

There were no pools yet the first time I was there last year. Pool or no pool, the view is breathtaking and always worth the scenic drive to the Camp.

Dr. Dada Llaguno, owner of HIbiscus Camp, wanted a pool that would blend in with the theme of the place, thus the design of the three cascading pools bordered by boulders that were made specifically as the good doctor imagined it. A modern-looking pool would be a jarring sight indeed in this mountain resort that has  taken full advantage, and with the best sense, of nature’s magnificence.I noticed that people are not very noisy while up there in Hibiscus Camp. There is laughter and squeals of delight from children having fun in the pools but there are no boisterous groups. Perhaps it’s because the place evokes feelings of peace, calm, and Zen quiet. Hibiscus Camp is a Soft Melody in the heart.

Of course, camera cellphones are on overdrive in the Camp. The place is too pretty to not post on Instagram.

Hiking paths, reading nooks, more cottages, more camping and picnic areas, more gardens to afford campers a total communion with nature are some of the future plans of Doc Dada.

As it is, Hibiscus Camp is a place that gives us so many Ahh moments. But for me, the Ahh-most moment is everytime I look at the sweeping spectacular view that’s almost 180 degrees of the sea and the land. And on a clear day, Mt. Mayon can be seen from the camp.

Going there is easy. Take the road to Partido and before Tigaon town proper there is a road to the left, there is a signboard, that goes up to the mountain retreat. The winding road ascends gradually, the drive and the view is exhilarating.

When all directions fail, please use Waze. Hibiscus Camp is pinned on the app.




Sarah C. Imperial