Coffee is a huge part of almost every average person’s life. Most of us drink at least two cups of coffee a day, but what most of us don’t know is that coffee isn’t just a drink. It’s a science.

Single Ancestry is a coffee shop in Naga City, serving high-quality specialty coffee from all around the world. But what makes the coffee at Single Ancestry special? The answer lies in the name of the coffee shop itself. Single ancestry coffee or single-origin coffee is coffee grown in a known geographic origin. The coffee is distinguished for its variety and the farm and country of its origin. The single-origin coffee at this shop is made from Arabica beans, as opposed to the more common Robusta variety. Arabica is more favorable because of its wider taste range, its pleasant aroma (whether roasted or unroasted), and its growing environments; Arabica needs to be grown at higher elevations compared to Robusta. At Single Ancestry, the baristas know exactly what they are giving to customers.

Some places of origin of the coffee served at this shop are El Salvador, Brazil, Honduras, and other places in Central and South America—coffee from these regions have a pleasant, chocolaty taste. Though Single Ancestry serves many imported coffee, they also advocate local Philippine coffee while staying true to specialty coffee standards. Single Ancestry uses coffee beans from Davao and gets coffee from their roasters in Tarlac.

Preparing specialty coffee is a serious business. The baristas follow an elaborate procedure to bring coffee-lovers the best coffee that Naga City offers. Coffee at Single Ancestry is brewed using only the finest Arabica beans, and it isn’t served steaming hot. The baristas add no sugar at all, letting the natural taste profile of the coffee stand out. Because of this, the coffee at Single Ancestry is rich, aromatic, and has a distinct flavor—it’s real specialty coffee.

Single Ancestry serves frappes too. But on their menu, frappes are listed under the header “A Cup of Disappointment.” Why? Simply put, it’s not the shop’s purpose. They’re here to serve specialty coffee, not iced monstrosities filled with sugar and cream and chocolate—cups of disappointment. Frappes are great, but it might be best to take advantage of Single Ancestry’s specialty coffee, made with love.

Single Ancestry aims to up the level of coffee in Naga. They serve delicious coffee with passion and dedication, making them stand out of the crowd of coffee shops in Naga as one of the best.

Single Ancestry are located at 24 High Street Food Park Carnation St, Naga, Camarines Sur and also at Robinsons Place Naga on its second floor. They have opted to move to this mall for the increased foot traffic, making the first true specialty coffee in Naga extremely accessible.